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Do more of what you love

You’ve built a successful business.
Now what?

We’re a team of specialist accountants working with people who’ve built up a business and are now ready to start making plans to pass it on to their family members or employees, so they can move on and do more of what they love.

The real beauty of what we do is that it doesn’t cost you a penny, because all the costs incurred are covered by the tax you save.

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Job vacancies

Trainee Accountant

We currently have a full time position available for an accounts trainee. The ideal candidate will be someone who has recently finished sixth form or university.

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We make it easy

Our 4-stage ‘Income and Share Ownership Planning’ process helps you navigate the complexities of passing your business on to family members or employees in the most beneficial and tax-efficient way.

Success stories

K&H produced a detailed three-year plan and restructured the shares so I could pass the business down in exactly the way I wanted.

K&H produced a plan to pass ownership across but keeping the full value of the business in the family in a way that allowed me to benefit from Entrepreneur’s Relief.

K&H produced a detailed plan, working closely with our solicitors, which enabled us to move the LLP business into a limited company and so allow us to create share options for the management team.

K&H produced a ten-year retirement plan for me that tidied up the group structure, changed the shareholding and set up share options for three new senior managers.

K&H produced a share restructuring and dividend remuneration plan that could save us about £60,000 a year, and a succession plan to allow ownership to pass across in a controlled and tax-efficient way.

We expect to save tax of about £200k over the next 5 years and improve cash flow considerably as a result of the advice from Kirkpatrick and Hopes.

K&H has successfully engaged with management to implement a series of corporate changes and identified savings of over £100k a year.

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Helping you run a better business

We offer all the services that owners of small businesses expect from an accountancy firm. But what makes us different is our approach.

Our aim is to help you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. More of what you’re good at and less of what you’re not.

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